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America's Most Colorful Congresswoman: Kyrsten Sinema

House of Representatives, won a Tennessee senate seat in the midterms, replacing retiring Republican Sen. Blackburn received support from President Trump. Her platform included increasing the minimum wage, supporting Medicare for All and reforming the criminal justice system. She became the first Somali-American in Congress. She had no Republican challenger in her race in the heavily Democratic district. She won the Democratic primary against term incumbent Michael Capuano on Sept. Her platform included defunding Immigration and Customs Enforcement, supporting Medicare for All and fighting to end gun violence.

Gov Ray Tenorio in the midterm election. Guerrero won Guam has been run by Republican governors since Write to Samantha Cooney at samantha. By Samantha Cooney Updated: November 19, 9: October 23, Scott should recuse himself. Meet the Republicans who held onto the Senate.

Minorities, LGBT make history in midterms. Hear from the Democrats who took back the House. Abrams vows to remain in gubernatorial race. This is a movement for justice. O'Rourke congratulates Cruz on his victory. Sinema wasn't the only bright young thing to report to the Capitol in January.

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The election, dubbed another "Year of the Woman" by some political observers when it's the "Year of the Man," we ladies will finally know we've made it , more than doubled the size of the female under contingent, from two to five. This is a new generation that's just starting to come of age politically—one that has the potential to rewrite some of the long-standing rules for women in politics.

As I walk into Sinema's office on Capitol Hill—she's been on the job for about 10 weeks—it strikes me that she's even more of a rare species than I thought: She's wearing a full-skirted dress splashed with plum-colored flowers; her eyeglass frames are magenta, the water bottle from which she sips between meetings is fuchsia.

These Candidates Made History in the 2018 Midterms

Write to Samantha Cooney at samantha. Type keyword s to search. A blog for the Post profiled "bachelor congressmen" inand in Time asked unmarried Republican Rep. By all appearances, she is that superwoman we've all met once or twice, the person who's congress gay dating doing the things we say we want to get around to, like training congress gay dating an Ironman triathlon or reading books about physics or the brain. This is not a blue wave. Her platform included fighting for tax cuts for the middle class, making college more affordable and supporting the expansion of Medicaid. Scott should recuse. It was only four years ago that the first openly gay person was elected to Congress, Colorado Democrat Jared Polis. Jared Polis, D-Colo. Sinema first started getting national attention inwhen she led a diverse coalition that defeated a ballot initiative that would have outlawed gay marriage. But her views about sexuality are right in step with her contemporaries': Is Stacey Abrams Running for Office in ? We are really excited.

Sinema, the proud owner of more than pairs of shoes, was declared best-dressed politician by an Arizona newspaper for four years running. Now I have 13 staff and 10 interns.

If people call our office, they're going to get help. Not to mention that given her freshman status, she's not high enough in the party hierarchy to accomplish much more.

She has been named to the Democrats' whip team, which was a bit of a coup, but even Hillary Clinton pretty much kept her head down and her goals local during her first year or two in the Senate. It may be especially important for Sinema to focus in on her , constituents for another reason: As a freshman incumbent who won by a narrow margin in , she is already showing up on lists of vulnerable seats. With Sinema's day sliced into minute blocks, her scheduler is a constant specter at the door, popping in to remind the congresswoman though she insists her staff dispense with the honorific dictated by DC tradition and merely call her Kyrsten that she's got to wrap up because four more groups are crowded outside her office.

After each meeting, Sinema shakes every hand in the room, straightens her posture for a quick photo op, then welcomes the next set of earnest pleaders. By all appearances, she is that superwoman we've all met once or twice, the person who's actually doing the things we say we want to get around to, like training for an Ironman triathlon or reading books about physics or the brain. She's "like a workaholic times 10," says David Lujan, a Democrat who served in the Arizona legislature with her for six years.

Sinema wakes at 5 a. Marines and doesn't get home till 10 p. Weekends are spent in Phoenix, training for marathons and holding Congress on your Corner events to chat with constituents. Younger women, meanwhile, seem to be running because they believe that they're "the best person to make legislation and be a leader," Grounds says.

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She pegs the shift to a larger pool of female role models and the post—Title IX environment, in which competitive behavior is more accepted in women. Sinema doesn't like the A-word.

That's unfortunate, because the word means you're working hard and want to accomplish stuff. Men are called ambitious all the time—it's just that the word is usually meant as a compliment. But if Sinema isn't ambitious, no one is. She was born in Tucson, Arizona, to middle-class Mormon parents. Her dad was an attorney, and her mother stayed at home with Kyrsten and her older brother and younger sister.

When she was eight, her parents divorced and her mother married a teacher. After the family moved to a small town in the Florida Panhandle, her stepfather lost his job, and their finances collapsed. Incumbent Democrat Liz Bennett of Iowa, who also ran unopposed, will advance to the general election in her reelection bid for Iowa House of Representatives. LGBTQ advocate Zach Wahls, known for his impassioned speech in in support of same-sex marriage to Iowa state legislators, bested his primary rivals for a chance to become an Iowa State Senator for District Out lesbian Julia Fahl triumphed over a year incumbent to become the mayor of Lambertville, New Jersey.

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